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take a poem put it through google translate to any language, record result take that and put it through to any other language, record result put that through to the original language look at all 4 and wonder 🙂

May 14, 2013 Prompts , , , , , , ,

What kind of Snake is that?

It’s the kind, that slides smooth silk. Behind your neck, snap, bite, his ilk. You ate the fruit, by your father’s blood, From the seed does come the bud. But snakes are teachers, regardless of sin. True to their nature … Continue reading

October 23, 2012 Poetry , , , , , ,

Wash the Hands

July 24, 2012 Poetry , ,

Open the Doors of Perception

June 27, 2012 Poetry , ,

On the Wall Analog

June 5, 2012 Poetry ,

Alphabet Soup

I found it in the trash. This tasty alphabet sucotash. And my how this lettered stash, Would go beside my beans and mash For dinner, how long would it last? I’d want to eat it up so fast!

June 2, 2012 Poetry , ,

Mounting Paper

Thumb tacks and sticky glue Mashed potato hullabaloo Nicknacks and discarded scraps Newsprint, candy, canvas, zoo Little Jackie Paper A Puff of glitter later It’s almost, almost done! We swear! Just… a little… bit… straighter… There! Mom… it’s not a … Continue reading

May 22, 2012 Poetry , , ,

Poetic Stickup: Put the Financial Aid in the Bag

April 20, 2012 Poetry , , , ,

The Mouse on the Barroom Floor

Care of the Beal Bocht

April 13, 2012 Poetry , , ,

We are the Buckwheat

April 1, 2012 Poetry , , ,