Little Drops of Poetry

Bits and clips of insight for the digital age

December 4, 2011


We are…

The smile that creeps up after your first sip of morning coffee
Looking for those Little Drops of life in the world of poetry…
For that perfect bean, brewing words, and pouring them into a funny old mug
Because you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously
And a little sugar goes a long way

by Lee Frankel-Goldwater 6/20/2012

Our Philosophy

It is time for us to take art out of the galleries and off the page. Rather than bringing the ordinary into poetry, we must uncover the poetry of the ordinary. You have access to the deepest treasures today, right now, wherever you look. There is no hidden formula, no secret door. Everything is alive, everything is mysterious, you especially. What do you signify? What do you represent? As you read this page, is it day or night? Are you slouching, sitting, or standing up? Does posture communicate? What is the root of our unconscious habits? And what of our pain?

We can no longer abide the false dualities that divide us. All methods are valid; all efforts are pure. Even your breath is a living poem. We are the school of no school.

by Eric Raanan Fischman – 2/14/2012