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Pools of Etymology

March 24, 2012 Poetry , , ,

Cole Haan on the Subway

March 17, 2012 Poetry , ,

Nebraska Smoke-Eater Speaks

March 14, 2012 Poetry ,

An Australian Portratit

Oceans, Indian with gentle seas People, mates of fine degrees Penguins, dancing in the reeds Hostels, with homies for all needs 😉 Hare Krishna’s sing of magic deeds And me just resting, In a gentle, Ausie breeze Oceans, people, penguins, … Continue reading

March 12, 2012 Poetry , ,

Sunny Day

By Raynah, John, and Lee Spontaneous poetry art in Starbucks on a Saturday by a lovely little girl, her lovely large father, and a medium sized poet.

March 10, 2012 Poetry ,

Lily Pads

February 28, 2012 Poetry , ,

My Design, Climb High: Home in South Africa

You progress through a series of spaces Open up the doors, See in front of you A living view A pond, Everywhere there is sweet water Look towards the garden, Patterns speak of stories in distant lands Uniformity of materials … Continue reading

January 24, 2012 Poetry , , , ,

Games We Might Play

December 14, 2011 Poetry ,

On the Subway

It is there we find the place, In our hearts and minds. Paths unwritten in the cool wind, Take a ride.

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Squirrel in the City

Nuts we sometimes like to grind, But under the wheels the ground is hard, and black. A little nut between my teeth, A pocket in a tree, I find peace.

December 10, 2011 Poetry ,